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U.S. Virgin Islands Brand Strategy


The U.S. Virgin Islands boasts a safe, welcoming local culture, enviable waterfront and beach assets and a dedicated, loyal tourism market from all over the Americas. But the islands’ message wasn’t breaking through to potential visitors who consistently visited the same Caribbean destinations. The U.S. Virgin Islands engaged Resonance based on our Caribbean Tourism Quality Index to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities as it seeks strategic and sustainable tourism growth.


The Solution

The Resonance Caribbean Tourism Quality Index ranks 28 destinations from a tourism development perspective to determine the supply-side performance and competitiveness of each. Our index revealed that the U.S. Virgin Islands ranked first in our Sports and Adventure metric, and scored well in other under-invested attributes. This is where the work will begin to differentiate and promote this destination in the eyes of locals and visitors. Services will include:

Destination Assessment

A customized supply-side assessment of the U.S. Virgin Island’s tourism assets and experiences utilizing a combination of social media reviews and core performance statistics to benchmark the quantity of tourism infrastructure and quality experiences offered.

Situational Analysis

Summary of tourism assets, opportunities, current consumer perceptions and awareness, community stories and aspirations—along with benchmarking against USVI’s competitive set.

Destination Brand Strategy & Storyline

A positioning strategy that validates the business case for the destination and the audiences to be targeted. The document contains a narrative that defines and differentiates USVI from other regional destination brands, and articulates an overarching brand proposition.

Destination Marketing Strategy

The alignment of brand positioning, market opportunity and channel management to leverage competitive advantage for the USVI.

The Result

Work began on the first phase in Q1, 2017.

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