About - Resonance Consultancy

We Are Strategy, Branding and Communications Experts

As leading advisors in tourism, real estate and economic development, Resonance helps places understand market trends, assess their strengths and weaknesses, engage local communities, plan for the future, and create branding and communications in order to realize their full economic potential.

We Study Places

Our proprietary approach to benchmarking places and our Best Cities reports are used by companies and government agencies to help design, develop and promote the best locations around the globe. Our research services include:

Consumer Research
Market Analysis
Destination Assessments
Performance Benchmarking
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We Plan the Future

We create strategic plans and marketing strategies for tourism, real estate and economic development organizations in order to uncover and capitalize on opportunities for the long-term sustainable growth of regions, cities and communities. Our consulting services include:

Economic Development Strategy
Tourism Master Plans
Real Estate Development Strategy
Scenario Planning & Forecasting
Placemaking Strategy
Marketing Strategy
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We Attract Tourism, Talent and Investment

Our branding, storytelling and marketing campaigns attract visitors and investment to help realize the full economic potential of cities, destinations, developments, hotels and resorts. Our branding and marketing services include:

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Environmental Design
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We Build Community

We create and execute communications strategies and campaigns to engage audiences ranging from local residents to international investors to media around the world. Our communication services include:

Content Creation
Social Media Management
Public Relations
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