About - Resonance Consultancy

We Are Strategy, Branding and Communications Experts

As leading advisors in tourism, real estate and economic development, Resonance helps places understand market trends, assess their strengths and weaknesses, engage local communities, plan for the future, and create branding and communications in order to realize their full economic potential.

Destination Strategy

We partner with leading cities, regions and countries and their marketing organizations to help them improve their competitive position and visitor economy through destination governance, stewardship, development and brand strategy.

Economic Development

We partner with regions and cities to help them plan and articulate their economic development roadmap. Our proprietary data-based research framework ensures our recommendations are aligned with government priorities, community aspiration and investors.

Urban Development

We partner with bold and forward looking cities, districts, and developers to envision, activate and shape the future of downtowns, districts and new developments with a combination of market analysis, trend forecasting, visioning, and experience design.

Place Branding & Design

We partner with iconic cities, hospitality groups and developers to create brand identities and experiences that reflect each destination’s unique character and sense of place. Our unparalleled experience and understanding of global travel trends ensures that the brands and experiences we create resonate with audiences around the world.