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We Are Place Makers

Resonance is a leading global advisor on placemaking, branding and marketing for the world’s best cities, districts, developments and destinations.

Our perspective is informed by our proprietary World’s Best Cities rankings, the most widely-read and respected in the world, and by our WRLDCTY Forum and Festival of urban innovation, which brings the planet’s most creative minds together to help shape the future of city development.

Featured Work

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A strategy to create unified messaging for a diverse and dynamic city

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Los Angeles

An Olympic effort to grow tourism

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Costa Palmas

Luxury on Cabo's road less traveled

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One11 Residences at Thompson Central Park

Redefining residential in New York's midtown

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Defining the future of tourism post-covid

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Transforming the image of Europe's Capital

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A Brand Strategy to attract more international visitors to the South & East of the country

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Toward a more equitable Arizona city

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Miami Riverbridge

A proud new landmark comes to the downtown