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East Village

Calgary, Alberta

East Village is the place where Calgary was born, and it’s the real neighbourhood where the city’s future continues to unfold. Over the past decade, it has evolved to become an exciting city neighbourhood and destination where Calgary’s most inspiring people, events and opportunities are concentrated in a few walkable, bikeable and well-connected streets.

Resonance was engaged to create a new brand identity that reflected the community’s position of being  a catalyst of urban culture, a future-facing hub of optimism, ideas and energy that is helping Calgary live its next chapter. We adopted a holistic placemaking strategy as our approach to the project which in turn enabled us to create a vibrant brand ethos and identity that was bold, innovative and inclusive.

Real City. Real Life.’ is a bold statement that positions East Village as a city neighbourhood from which to experience urban life in its entirety, with all its pleasures, variety, diversity, challenges and opportunities. It is, everything a city neighbourhood should be;  colourful, sophisticated, hip, gritty, delicious, vibrant, and serene, as and when the occasion demands. The statement is also a direct call to the next generation of urban explorers—people who want the authentic sights, smells, and feelings of city living, whether they ‘live’ it as a resident or visit it as a guest. East Village has a voice. It is bold, fearless and brave. From the contemporary graphic elements to the original tone of voice, every aspect of the brand was carefully considered and crafted to represent the brand philosophy.

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