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Tucson, Arizona

Changing Perceptions and Creating Opportunity in an Evolving City

Tucson’s quality of life is second to none, but the city’s economic development organization wanted an economic development strategy that would also provide guidance on how to make Tucson a more equitable place.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion was important to Tucson, which is welcoming a growing Hispanic population, and understands that its multicultural heritage and contemporary Hispanic community is key to its future identity. Resonance helped the city plan to include those who create the city’s culture and understand how to close the income gap while building on its authentic character.

We recommended prioritizing support for small business, building on relationships with Mexico to create an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem, and leaning into strengths in photonics, optics and bioscience—products of the excellent University of Arizona—to update the perception of the city as an  old-school western town.

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