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Chris Fair

President & CEO

As Resonance’s President, Chris leads a global team in destination placemaking, branding, and marketing. Proficient in trend analysis, visioning, and city planning, he created the World’s Best Cities rankings for over 400 cities in 2016. A respected speaker on tourism, real estate, and urban development, he has also chaired the Urban Land Institute’s Travel Experience & Trends Council and teaches Placemaking at New York University.

Dianna Carr

Vice President, Storytelling

For nearly thirty years, Dianna has excelled as a storyteller across various platforms, including print, television, and radio. Dianna’s writing talents have taken her from the intricacies of major urban centers to the pleasures of resort life. Her expertise lies in crafting language that sets places apart, engages diverse audiences, and motivates a broad spectrum of participants and stakeholders.

Jeremie Feinblatt

Vice President, Strategy

Jeremie is a global expert in destination strategy and branding with over 20 years of agency and institutional experience in strategy, consulting, and entrepreneurial roles. At Resonance, Jeremie launched and spearheaded WRLDCTY, our global forum for urban innovation, and currently leads our destination strategy practice around the world. 

Tom Gierasimczuk

Vice President, Communication

Our Vice President of Communications is a lauded and award-winning journalist and distinguished marketer. He spearheads thought-provoking content initiatives aimed at propelling new business, maintaining client loyalty, fostering audience interaction, and amplifying brand influence. Under his leadership, Resonance’s exclusive ‘Best Cities’ reports have achieved even greater heights.

Steven Pedigo

Vice President, Economic Development

As Vice President of Economic Development at Resonance, Steven is an authority in economic development research and strategy, as well as marketing and place branding. His expertise has extended to providing counsel to a wide array of entities, including cities, universities, real estate developers, non-profit organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and prominent media establishments across the global landscape.

Dominic Prevost

Group Creative Director

With a multidisciplinary approach backed by nearly two decades of experience, Dominic strives to constantly elevate the creative process, shaping brand strategy, driving innovation, and leading a world-class creative team to deliver top-tier concepts and execution.

Vicki Fair

Director, Finance & Administration

Vicki’s professional journey spans over 25 years, during which she has undertaken  roles in marketing and account direction. At Resonance, she assumes responsibility for overseeing billing and financial records for the firm New York, Vancouver and Singapore. Her combination of financial expertise, strategic insight and disciplined approach enhances her contributions to the team’s financial management endeavors.

Simona Forbes

Director, Client Services

With two decades of experience in brand strategy, design, and perception-changing campaigns, Simona is as an expert in the details of a project as she is thinking about the big-picture strategy.  At Resonance, Simona manages the Account Service team and provides strategic direction for various brand strategy workshops and brand platform development.

Smita Subramanian

Director, Storytelling

With more than 20 years of experience in the communications industry, Smita’s journey has spanned across influential hospitality, luxury, and destination brands. In her role as Director of Storytelling at Resonance, she crafts thought-provoking narratives and concepts rooted in insights that reflect the true sense of a destination, telling stories on behalf of destinations in Vancouver, New York, Hawai‘i, and Saudi Arabia, to name a few.

Nur Asri

Director, Placemaking

With a decade of experience in real estate strategy and community economic development, Nur brings vital skills in real estate market analysis, policy research, and strategic placemaking to Resonance, leading placemaking and destination management strategies for Houston Theater District, Downtown Calgary and Pittsburgh.

Tim Hasid

Director, Placemaking

As Director of Destination Strategy, Tim makes invaluable contributions to strategic planning, placemaking, and place branding. His expertise lies in distilling profound data insights from the noise to reveal essential signals and furnishing organizations with actionable behavioral insights from target markets. The result for clients: more certainty in the planning process.

Bill Ellis

Director, Digital

Bill consistently delivers compelling digital products, spanning websites to CRM solutions and intricate systems, catering to the diverse needs of clients. He is the mind behind the recent platform, a fusion of data science and elegant user experience.

Emmanuelle Witt

Account Director

Emmanuelle has been a driving force behind communication, branding, and design strategies for renowned names in the hospitality and destination sectors. At Resonance, she takes the reins in managing and strategizing for Resonance’s major clients. 

Shannon Duffy

Account & Marketing Manager

An avid urban enthusiast with experience in marketing, equitable development and market research, Shannon brings to Resonance a passion for understanding how community and policy affect community engagement. Shannon manages and strategizes Resonance’s key projects on the East Coast.

Kara Rothdram

Resource Manager

As Resonance’s Resource Manager, Kara consistently seeks opportunities to enhance internal and external processes, aiming to make workdays at Resonance more efficient and engaging. Her profound understanding of agency roles, and project timelines—and her ability to forecast resource needs up to six months ahead—contributes to seamless resource management.

Rhiannon Morris

Business Manager

As Business Manager, Rhiannon undertakes responsibilities including the establishment, maintenance and efficient management of office systems; meticulous reviews of fully executed contracts and fee schedules; and reports on vital metrics and service provision. She supports client and inter-company invoicing and maintains US State/City registrations and business licenses in cooperation with legal resources.

Anthony Hore

Associate Creative Director

With over a decade of experience, Anthony is a creative thought leader who enjoys translating brand strategy into compelling design solutions. As the Associate Creative Director at Resonance, he has led, directed and had a deep impact on the visual narrative of the firm’s work.

Kelsey McDonald

Graphic Designer

Kelsey’s curiosity in visual storytelling helps her channel the potential of design to captivate, empower, and engage audiences authentically. Her focus is on crafting purpose-driven brands that hold the potential to instigate positive transformations

Ekeme Afia

Research Analyst

Driven by her affection for data and fervor for storytelling, Ekeme has cultivated years of experience in deciphering intricate data to extract insights that shape strategic trajectories, both within the private and public sectors. Her expertise centers on market research and economic development.


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