Royal Botanical Gardens - Resonance Consultancy

Royal Botanical Gardens

Burlington, Ontario

With master planners Moriyama Teshima, Resonance helped develop a destination development strategy and marketing plan to transform RBG—a beloved resource little known outside its boundaries—into a destination that would continue to serve local residents and attract tourism and awareness nationally and internationally.

As Moriyama Teshima embarked on an on-above-and below-ground systems analysis of RBG’s 2,700 acres—and a huge range of natural assets and man-made resources—Resonance engaged and surveyed broadly. Our goal was to build awareness of and support for the re-development of RBG by surveying government bodies, key regional actors and the community in order to provide Moriyama Teshima with the intel needed to create an inclusive plan that would be respectful of local needs and cultures. From workshops with the steering committee, board of directors, and project team, we crafted a shared vision for bold growth over 25 years. To help the gardens become a local, regional, and world-class destination, we built a long-term business model, along with a feasibility and implementation plan that could immediately activate the master plan.

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