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Pacific Gate

San Diego, CA

The Challenge

BOSA Development, one of the most important developers in downtown San Diego, wanted to tell prospective residential condo owners from China, the U.S., Canada and Mexico a holistic story of the evolution of the downtown neighborhood in a way that celebrated the growth of the entire community— not only the developer’s own successes.

The Solution

Resonance created Downtown San Diego magazine to painted a picture of an eclectic and dynamic group of neighborhoods that were coalescing into a walkable, livable whole. With stories about plans for the waterfront, the exciting food scene, and a huge new downtown campus—along with high quality production and design—Downtown San Diego told a much needed bigger-picture story of the heart of San Diego.

The Result

The magazine was translated into Mandarin and Spanish, and is being used in mailings and as part of the domestic and international sales effort beginning in fall 2017. Sales of Embassy BOSA’s Pacific Gate, the developer’s most recent offering, have been brisk.

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