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East West Hospitality

Beaver Creek, Colorado

Over the course of three decades, East West Hospitality has—with the support of a 1,500-strong team of destination enthusiasts—helped travelers see a destination in a different light and discover unique moments. The company’s credo has been to simplify the complicated by sharing the places they love and know best, allowing people to not just occupy, but live their destinations.

In 2020, East West Hospitality engaged Resonance to help consolidate and reinvent the company narrative in a way that it appealed to both guests of EWH resorts as well as owners of EWH homes. Following intensive visioning workshops and stakeholder interviews, Resonance created a simple but powerful brand platform that culminated into a brand essence reiterating the stress-and-hassle-free experience the company offered its audiences, allowing them to ‘Rest Assured.’

This was followed by a demonstration of how this would work when communicating to the audiences through a conceptual creative platform, as well as a creative playbook.

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