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Tourism is a powerful force in the growth and development of the Los Angeles economy, developing employment opportunities for residents and producing significant revenue that goes toward the betterment of the community. L.A. Tourism looks to place a greater emphasis on ensuring tourism delivers even stronger benefits to the community as the city works towards increasing total economic impact to the Los Angeles region.

To this end, the City of Los Angeles Department of Convention and Tourism Development (CTD) decided to develop a Tourism Master Plan that would assist the City in delivering a positive visitor experience and enhancing the quality of life for residents.

As a starting point for the Tourism Master Plan, Resonance was asked by CTD to identify priorities that would enable the City to satisfy these goals including gaps and inefficiencies as it relates to the City’s current and past approach towards tourism, and advise on investments and changes that could address such challenges.

LA Tourism Master Plan - Resonance

Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement

To kick off the project, our team spoke with hundreds of tourism stakeholders in L.A., from convention planners to hotel owners. This stakeholder engagement is a critical first step in all our Tourism Master Plan development—it gives people a chance to be heard. It allows us to put faces to names, humanizing the process. Most importantly, it gives us a baseline sense of challenges and opportunities.

Public Surveys

We also invited visitors and residents to have their say by tapping both for their take on the places they love best in the city, the experiences they enjoy now and those they want to have in the future. Equally importantly, we asked residents how tourism affects their quality of life.

Destination Assessment

In parallel with the visitor and resident survey, we benchmarked the city against its competitors, including domestic destinations like San Francisco, New York and Chicago, and global icons like Mexico City and London, Shanghai and Sydney. We also included a recommendation for goals, key milestones, and evaluation metrics for the Tourism Master Plan itself.

LA Tourism Master Plan - Resonance

Situational Analysis

We further researched and analyzed the City of Los Angeles’ Travel & Tourism industry to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and potential directions to be explored, discussed, debated and prioritized in the development of a Tourism Master Plan.

We will use the Situational Analysis to create a new vision, guiding strategy and a series of recommendations to guide the City of Los Angeles as a tourism destination forward for the next 10 years.

Visioning Workshops

Our forward-looking visioning workshops will bring together a range of voices and perspectives from across the destination. We will share the research and learnings about what’s important to visitors, stakeholders and residents. Then together, we will work to create scenarios for the future that imagine different outcomes, and create a positioning that defines the destination of the future, articulates the visitor we wish to attract and what they come for, then describes the benefits of the experience of visiting.

Draft Recommendations

With the main ingredients of the Tourism Master Plan in hand, we will set about making recommendations for where energy and resources would be best allocated. We consider Place (the development of neighborhoods, parks, public spaces and transportation); Product (hotels, attractions, convention center, etc.); Programming (festivals and events); and Protocol (how to manage and fund initiatives).

Next Steps

With all the input gathered from stakeholders, the public, boards and steering committees, Resonance will create a final report that orders and contextualizes the information and lays out a path of action for the CTD and the City of Los Angeles.

LA Tourism Master Plan - Resonance

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