We help organizations articulate their essence and define their difference, then shape vivid, unforgettable narratives that evoke passionate feelings and resonate in many mediums. For destinations and communities, our approach to place branding helps our clients identify their challenges, opportunities and competitive identity. Then we craft stories and messaging to communicate their unique sense of place and attract residents, visitors and investment.

Workshop Facilitation

A Resonance workshop is much more than an offsite meeting: it’s a structured consideration of current context informed by research; a visioning of a preferred future; and a productive, interactive forum for generating fresh language and ideas about products and places.

Stakeholder Engagement

When people share a vision of the future, it gives them shared belief, shared purpose and shared passion – they become informed, devoted ambassadors, championing an inclusive vision. Resonance has organized and participated in public and stakeholder engagement for plans and developments large and small.

Brand Storyline

Brand Storylines distill places and products into the tangible and intangible: historic context, target markets, features and advantages; and then essence that helps brands touch their markets on an emotional level. Brand Storylines define key messages, help evaluate naming and design, and shape communication and advertising.