As part of our ongoing work to create successful development strategies for a wide variety of destinations and developments, Resonance conducts consumer research and publishes reports that help our clients understand the evolving preferences and aspirations of consumers around the world. Resonance President Chris Fair is a frequent speaker for organizations including the Urban Land Institute, CEOs for Cities, the World Leisure Congress, and many more, sharing Resonance research and insights on trends in tourism, urbanism, place branding and luxury travel.

City Branding

Why do many city branding initiatives fail? Why do slogans start with fanfare, then fizzle? Chris shares how cities must realize that branding is the last thing they should do when marketing themselves – and how they should first consider livability, character, programming, people and other key elements of place.

Millennial Travelers: A New Generation Hits the Road

Millennials have now overtaken Boomers as the largest American demographic, and the travelers among them come in many varieties – from free-wheeling singles to parents of young families. Their evolving and sometimes contrarian preferences consistently surprise audiences, as this talk reveals.

The Future of Tourism & Travel

A new generation of travelers, from American Millennials to independent Chinese to adventurous retirees are roaming internationally – and international travelers numbers will double in the next 20 years. Thinking about tomorrow’s visitors and preparing for inevitable shifts in consumer preferences today is key to success.

Luxury Travel Trends

Luxury isn’t what it used to be, and the wealthiest among us are redefining wish lists for travelers everywhere. In this fascinating talk, Chris shares findings of research on the destinations, experiences and accommodation preferences of the top 1% and 5% of American travelers.

Recreational Real Estate

Second homes in cities, on mountains and at the seaside took an enormous hit during the recession, but today, a new generation is buying and using recreational real estate in new ways. Chris discusses where second home ownership is going and how developers and marketers can respond to the opportunity.

The Power of Place

Geography is no longer destiny: it is increasingly quality of place that determines where tourists, talent and investment flow, making competition for talent, tourism and trade more global. In this talk, Chris explains the proprietary Resonance global city ranking called the Place Equity Index. Where does your city rank?