New York wins ‘Best Large American City,’ while Honolulu takes the title of ‘Best Small American City.’ Find out how all your favorite cities performed by downloading our free 2017 America’s Best Cities Report.

By Chris Fair

Resonance Consultancy, the leading advisors in real estate, tourism, and economic development for countries, cities and communities, is pleased to announce the 50 Best Large American Cities, as well as the 50 Best Small American Cities for 2017.

The winning cities were unveiled at a June 14 awards celebration at New York University sponsored by National Geographic Travel, who will use the Resonance ranking and insights for future editorial and content projects.

This is one of the most comprehensive American city rankings ever attempted—developed to quantify and benchmark the relative quality of place, reputation and competitive identity for U.S. principal cities with metropolitan populations of 200,000 or more by analyzing and comparing 27 factors in six key categories using a combination of core statistics and online ratings and reviews.

This helps cities understand their strengths and weaknesses through the lens of the people who matter most: their residents and visitors.


For more than a decade, Resonance has created place-branding strategies, tourism and economic development plans and trend reports for city, tourism and economic development organizations.

We do this to empower place managers and marketers with new tools  and perspectives on the key factors that shape a city’s competitive identity, community well-being and future prosperity.

Our firm has come to understand that traditional performance indicators alone—economic output, investment and visitor numbers, for example—don’t reveal the whole story for cities and their tourism and economic development agencies. Visitors and citizens themselves are increasingly influencing the identity and perception of cities through the millions of evaluations of experiences they share online with family, friends and people around the world.

Much more than traditional marketing, these opinions and attitudes influence the way people perceive places and where talent, tourism and investment flow. This social media data also provides a rich new source of information to benchmark the experiential quality of one city to the next.

So without further ado, here are America’s Best Cities in 2017…


1. New York

2. Chicago

3. Los Angeles

4. San Francisco

5. Las Vegas

6. San Diego

7. Houston

8. Miami

9. Seattle

10. Washington


1. Honolulu

2. Tucson

3. Charleston

4. Omaha

5. Albuquerque

6. Tulsa

7. Myrtle Beach

8. Madison

9. Asheville

10. El Paso

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