Our new 2017 U.S. Tourism Quality Index benchmarked American tourism destination performance. Here’s how each destination performed in the Culture ranking. These are the places where the arts, cultural events and shows are front and center. Get the full report for free now.

By Chris Fair

Last month, we released our 2017 U.S. Tourism Quality Index. Resonance creates the free U.S. Tourism Quality Index annually to help cities better understand the reality of destination performance, both in the eyes of visitors and locals, and from the perspective of a place’s product development.

These metrics are based on quality experiences that cities offer from one product and experience category to the next as rated by locals and visitors themselves.

Last week we shared America’s Most Adventurous Destinations with you, based on city performance in the Index’s Sports and Adventure category. This week, we move on to the best cultural cities in the country. For cities with the best-performing culture scenes, we evaluated their performance in TripAdvisor’s Museums, Concerts & Shows, and Arts & Events categories.

This index has been lauded by DMOs and destination managers as a valuable tool for better understanding the competitive advantages—and weaknesses—of destinations across six metrics.

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The city’s prosperity has always fueled its creative endeavours—both through eagerly paying crowds from near and far and through corporate endowments— and the results are everywhere today.

This year, 40 new Broadway shows are launching—the most in three decades. New York storytellers Billy Joel and Jerry Seinfeld are doing residencies all year, the former at Madison Square Garden, the latter at the Beacon Theater, just because they can.

Long an encyclopedia of both massive museums and niche collections, New York is in full cultural buildout mode. Leading the way this year is the Whitney Museum of American Art’s first Biennial in its dramatic new location.

The iconic venue doubled its exhibition space two years ago when it relocated to Chelsea, ballooning its visitation numbers as well.

These are America's best cities for culture.


Find out how top American tourism destinations performed against each other in visitor perception and supply-side delivery. The complete ranking and analysis is in our free U.S. Tourism Quality Index, ready for you to download now.