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200 Street Corridor 2040 Destination Strategy

Where the Township Comes to Life

As an extension of Resonance’s previous work for the Township of Langley, Resonance was engaged to verify the vision and storyline, with public input to create a destination strategy that would support a comprehensive land use and development plan for the Township of Langley and its perception for 2024.

Our team engaged with the community through a demographic assessment to understand the trends of migration and forecast the future population; a real estate market assessment to ensure demographic trends and projections are balanced with real estate market performance; and a community survey of more than 1,200 respondents to align development patterns and land use with the preferences and needs of residents and property owners.

The destination strategy is designed to guide future planning, policy and design of the 200 Street Corridor. As articulated in the strategy, by 2040, the perception of 200 Street Corridor will have shifted from being a mere corridor to a vital connector with a community-centric approach. The strategy provides recommendations to improve infrastructure like wider sidewalks, public transit stops, protected bike lanes and bike racks to resemble a main street. The strategy also provides recommendations culturally by shifting from transit-oriented to people-oriented, promoting various modes of transportation, and prioritizing the well-being of residents.

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