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Visit Hershey Harrisburg Destination Alignment Strategy

An Inspiring Platform aligning Economic Development, Tourism and Talent Attraction

Hershey Harrisburg lacked a clear messaging product that aligned the two destinations, making it complicated to market, sell and talk about the region. Harrisburg is Pennsylvania’s capital city, whereas Hershey,“the sweetest place on earth” is home to one of the country’s largest theme parks. Visit Hershey Harrisburg engaged Resonance to develop a destination alignment strategy to improve the region’s competitiveness to attract visitors, talent, and investors.

Surveys for both business partners and visitors, interviews with over 100 stakeholders and a competitive benchmark across 12 peer destinations, identified new opportunities and key priority areas in terms of messaging and communication for the region. The research revealed that Hershey Harrisburg was uniquely positioned at the confluence of entertainment, commerce, and lifestyle. Notably, the region was perceived as a welcoming destination that offered diverse experiences for people who were not willing to compromise.

Rallied around the idea of not wanting tradeoffs, Hershey Harrisburg offers the opportunity for its audiences to live fully – to live a life full of what’s meaningful and authentic to them, the freedoms, responsibilities, opportunities and fun that give them the greatest joy and satisfaction. In a world with so many decisions and sacrifices, the live fully promise is bold and unique compared to Hershey Harrisburg’s competitors and effectively unites the two destinations under one unique offering.

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