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A Destination Master Plan that Combines the Urban Experience of Pittsburgh with the Wild Outdoors of Allegheny County

Pittsburgh has undergone waves of transformation, from being one of the industrial hearts of America to a center for biomedical and robotics innovation. Through its evolution, tourism has remained a powerful force in the growth and development of the regional economy. However, emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, Allegheny County was challenged by a range of issues impacting the industry, including the slow recovery of business trips and overnight stays, and diminishing quality of life for local residents. Visit Pittsburgh engaged Resonance to develop a destination master plan that would enable the City and Allegheny County to deliver a positive visitor experience while enhancing the quality of life for local residents and workers.

With the support of partners at HVS, Resonance embarked on an information-driven and inclusive planning process centered around input from major players and stakeholders of the tourism and hospitality industry. This included a combination of 1-on-1 interviews and focus groups with over 100 industry professionals ranging from city leadership to the convention center, hotels, cultural attractions, neighborhood nonprofit organizations, and tourism business operators.
Our team also identified and analyzed the perceptions, needs and interests of various potential audiences (including Local Allegheny County Residents, Regional Pittsburgh MSA Commuters, Drive Market Visitors, and Fly Market Visitors) through consumer surveys and psychographic analysis.

Ultimately, the strategies outlined in the Destination Master Plan aim to elevate the city’s patchwork of more than 90 neighborhoods; embrace the city’s deeply rooted African-American heritage; and access surrounding outdoor recreation assets.

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