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Quad Cities

Iowa & Illinois

Resonance was engaged to create a vision and strategic plan that would tie together a regional destination that’s home to John Deere and linked by the Mississippi River. Visit Quad Cities wanted to identify future visitors, prioritize product development opportunities, articulate a competitive identity, and balance quality of local life with visitor experience.

To get to a vision for Quad Cities in 2030, we engaged stakeholders and surveyed Quad Citizens, benchmarked the region against competitive destinations, and workshopped opportunities for development. The plan includes recommendations to develop a shared riverfront vision, craft a cultural tourism plan to leverage the region’s remarkable creativity and master plans for its downtowns. We saw a future for the Quad Cities as a region that could engage its citizens and visitors with an original and authentic experience of one of the world’s great rivers, leveraging its creativity and innovation to become a region both deeply-rooted and forever current. From that assignment, Resonance was awarded a mandate to create a regional brand for Quad Cities.

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