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Ireland, a country of only 4.6 million people, attracts more than seven million overseas visitors a year. Growing international tourism to the country was a significant focus of the country’s post-recession economic recovery strategy. Resonance was engaged to conduct research and develop an international marketing strategy for the south and east of the country.

The Solution

In order to spark the imagination of visitors, harness the support of the industry locally, and realize dividends in terms of increased visitor numbers and enhanced revenue, Resonance teamed up with tourism marketers in Ireland, and met with and workshopped place branding concepts with leaders throughout the region to understand strengths and challenges, then created a series of propositions to frame the region.

Stakeholder Engagement

Resonances sought out residents and tourism leaders throughout the region, combining the mindset of international travelers with deep learning.

Destination Assessment

A customized supply-side assessment of Ireland’s tourism assets and experiences utilizing a combination of social media reviews and core performance statistics to benchmark both the quantity of tourism infrastructure and quality experiences offered by the region.

Destination Brand Storyline & Identity

Resonance developed a series of positioning strategies that identified the destination’s attributes and the audiences to be targeted with a narrative that proposed an overarching brand for the south and east region.

The Result

In collaboration with Tourism Ireland partners, the proposition Ireland’s Ancient East emerged as a proposition that regional tourism providers could rally behind and use as a common theme to regroup a wide range of experiences.

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