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Vancouver, Canada

As the role of the travel trade evolves, Destination Canada decided to rethink its approach to travel trade marketing. Resonance was hired to review the travel trade landscape across the organization’s target markets, evaluate current trade programs, assess the competition and provide strategic direction to help Destination Canada adapt to—and get ahead of—changing consumer and trade demands.


Resonance used third-party quantitative research and qualitative research in the form of stakeholder interviews to better understand the evolving travel trade landscape in the nine international markets—Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, U.K.—in which Destination Canada is actively engaged in travel trade marketing. The research examined consumer travel planning behaviors, travel preferences and distribution systems in each market.

Competitive Analysis

Resonance examined the travel trade efforts of four competitive tourism organizations mandated with promoting their respective countries—Australia, New Zealand, the U.K. and the U.S.—as tourism destinations. The analysis examined the international markets each organization was active in, their target consumers and key trade programs.

Program Analysis

Resonance reviewed the various travel trade programs being utilized by Destination Canada. The analysis included an examination of program importance by market, along with insights from both domestic and international stakeholders. The analysis was used to provide recommendations on future resource allocation.

The Result

The travel trade continues to be an integral component of the travel distribution system and plays an important role in the development, promotion and purchasing of Canadian tourism experiences. For Destination Canada to be successful, and stay successful, in today’s marketplace, Resonance developed a more focused travel trade strategic direction that better aligned with the organization’s business objectives.

The Strategic Direction included recommendations for the future of each of Destination Canada’s travel trade programs. In some cases, these recommendations represented fundamental changes to existing programs. Resonance also provided individual travel trade market plans for each of the nine markets that Destination Canada is active in.

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