Zapotal - Resonance Consultancy


A resort community grown from the rich, living nature of Costa Rica.

Today, as we continue to live the aftermath of the pandemic, there’s perhaps nowhere in the world that personifies the wellbeing associated with nature better than Costa Rica, the country with one-sixth of the planet’s biodiversity within its borders, that’s one of five blue zones on the planet, and is beloved as the country of pura vida happiness and simplicity. Always desirable, Costa Rica’s appeal has been amplified exponentially by the current state of the world. Discovery Land, developer of luxury residential communities worldwide, engaged Resonance to create a brand platform and identity for Zapotal, a major new private community being developed in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Resonance combined trends from our proprietary Future of Luxury Travel report on the top 1% of American travelers—and from the habits of wealthy travelers post-pandemic—to create a brand narrative that would guide directions for the identity. We positioned Zapotal as “a habitat in rare harmony, a community grown from the rich, living nature of Costa Rica where families play like monkeys, connect at the heart to pura vida, and taste the joy.”

The habitat in harmony positioning led to design directions that helped Zapotal align with and innovate on Discovery’s community brands. The client chose the playful and joyful path, and the Zapotal monkey was born.