Zapotal - Resonance Consultancy


Costa Rica

Developer Discovery Land engaged Resonance to create a Brand Platform and identity for Zapotal, a major project in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. We used a reading of affluent traveler trends—particularly those that had evolved during the pandemic—as well as the project’s key characteristics to determine three directions for the identity.

Resonance positioned Zapotal as “a habitat in rare harmony, a community grown from the rich, living nature of Costa Rica. Living laboratory and playground, sustainable standard-setter and place of vivid well-being, Zapotal is fertile ground for creativity and growth—families grow and thrive like jungle flowers, play like monkeys, connect at the heart to pura vida, and taste the joy.”

Habitat in Harmony led to designs inspired by the Guanacaste tree; a direction that we called Pura Playground reflected the spirited nature of people and wildlife; and A Deeper Discovery led to variations on the graphic interest of the letter Z. The client chose the playful and joyful path for the final logo, and the Zapotal monkey was born.

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