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City of Brookings

A Community Economic Development Master Plan for an Entrepreneurial City

Brookings, South Dakota engaged Resonance to develop a Community Economic Development Master Plan that would create a roadmap for EcDev outcomes in both the short (1-5 years) and long (10-20 years) terms. Our previous experience in communities with colleges and universities, including Tucson (University of Arizona), Guelph, Ontario (University of Guelph), Tulsa (University of Tulsa), South Bend (University of Notre Dame), and others made Resonance an obvious choice for the job.

Through a collection of comprehensive demographic and economic assessments and community roundtable discussions, we learned that Brookings, a fast-growing college town, boasts a highly educated workforce and a strong knowledge-based economy. The university builds on the city’s strong agriculture legacy by developing and adopting new technologies that are making it a leader in Ag Innovation and Bioprocessing. Further, as a low-cost state for doing business, Brookings is a hub of opportunity that attracts innovators and collaborators.

Based on recommendations in the plan, Brookings is expected to focus on building generational wealth by attracting investment and leaning into its entrepreneurial spirit. The way forward will bring innovators, academics, and investors together to create an inclusive innovation hub that invests in the diverse talent that will ultimately fuel the future of the community.

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