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Arlington County 5-Year Economic Development Strategic Plan

An all-in destination for job creators, thinkers, entrepreneurs, and creatives

Arlington is an inclusive and dynamic economic hub that has something for everyone. Home to first-rate educational institutions and the nation’s most educated workforce—and located just minutes from downtown Washington, D.C.— the county boasts a talent pool that supports the technology companies and other businesses that come to Arlington to start up, locate, and expand.

Resonance performed a comprehensive demographic and economic assessment that evaluated the County’s performance across a variety of metrics, and also completed an target cluster analysis that evaluated the areas of opportunity for the Town. We complemented the research with stakeholder engagement to address Arlington’s assets and opportunities for the future. Our research and analysis led to the development of five distinct goals, with over 70 unique strategies built into their Action Plan with defined timelines and tracking metrics.

Arlington’s economic development strategy will help the County realize its vision and take control of its economic future. It will bring together community residents with private and public sectors and help all stakeholders direct their time and resources to drive better results. The strategy focuses on attracting and empowering people because the human resourcefulness that comes from the right mix of engaged people is what makes an economy work. The strategy emphasizes placemaking because a vibrant place attracts and retains the best and brightest people. The strategy also incorporates the “All in Arlington” message, exploring how integrating this message into other aspects of the County—business attraction, retention, relocation efforts—could provide a cohesive narrative that distinguishes Arlington from Washington D.C. and other counties.

The factors that Resonance identified most highly correlated with business formation, talent attraction and visitor expenditure in our cities.
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