Resonance placemaking strategies seek to leverage the power of art, culture and experiential retail to improve the quality and performance of public places and the lives of the communities around them.

From the foundation of the Development Strategy, we develop and create placemaking recommendations that align with the ambitions of our clients and the needs of the community to enhance both social cohesion and economic performance of a destination or development.

Creative Placemaking

Creative placemaking animates public and private spaces through the use of art, music, and culture to create gathering places and unique points of interest that draws both the local community and visitors together to activate under-utilized spaces and places within a destination or development.

Tactical Placemaking

Tactical placemaking initiatives are temporary interventions in the physical design of a public space that influence behaviour and use of a place by either increasing its use by locals and visitors, and/or testing alternative uses that could lead to permanent changes in the design of a destination or development.

Retail Planning

Leveraging the art and science of data-driven forecasting, we develop strategies for vibrant, authentic retail environments that attract shoppers and support commercial tenants.