Tulsa Regional Chamber

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Resonance was commissioned by the Tulsa Regional Chamber and VisitTulsa to produce a Destination Development Strategy for the Tulsa, Oklahoma, regional area. Resonance was engaged to help the two organizations seek a competitive identity for Tulsa that would unite tourism, economic development and urban planning initiatives and differentiate Tulsa from regional and national competitors for tourism, investment and talent.

The Solution

Over the course of a year, the inclusive and collaborative Resonance process, detailed below, allowed for many kinds of local input into the creation of the competitive identity. By engaging, consulting and co-creating ideas with a wide cross-section of Tulsans and visitors, the competitive identity resonates for all.

Stakeholder Engagement

Resonance conducted three innovative workshops with various stakeholders—and with the collaboration of outside experts in the field of city planning and economic development—to articulate Tulsa’s strengths and challenge assumptions.

Destination Assessment

Through a series of proprietary research and measurement initiatives, Resonance analyzed Tulsa’s supply-side performance in relation to competing regional and national destinations.

Destination Brand Storyline and Storyline

Brand Storylines validate the business case for the destination and the audiences to be targeted, and result in a positioning strategy—in this case, one that would make Tulsa uniquely appealing. The storyline proposed taglines that would be uniquely Tulsa and also broad enough to encompass the three organizations and their goals to attract people to Tulsa.

Branding and Identity

As a result of the success of the Destination Brand Strategy and Storyline, Resonance has been engaged to create branding for the competitive identity.

Destination Brand Guidelines

Comprehensive rules and recommendations for how the brand should be used, Brand Guidelines will be created to help both internal and external team members stay on brand and ensure that communication is consistent.

The Result

Tulsa Inspires

Although work is ongoing, the positioning and competitive identity for Tulsa has been finalized, researched and approved: “Tulsa Inspires,” a celebration of the region’s inventive, creative, entrepreneurial and leadership potential, will be incorporated into the region’s economic development identity and Resonance-produced destination marketing plan, outlining a unified blueprint for strategically engaging prospective visitors, talent and investors.

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