Tromba Tequila

Jalisco, Mexico

Tromba is a high-quality crafted tequila from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, that had earned the praise of aficionados, but had virtually no awareness in North America. Resonance was engaged to both create a brand story that leveraged the spirit’s unique provenance and character, and to redesign packaging on its distinctive bottle to increase its back bar appeal.

The Solution

Resonance created a brand story that celebrates the contemporary authenticity of the brand, and the ‘trombas’, the sudden rainstorms in the highlands that contribute to the agave’s distinctive flavor. With ‘Take Life by Storm’, along with dramatically beautiful colors and graphics created from a commissioned woodblock print, Resonance brought Tromba into the ranks of top shelf spirits.

Market Research

Resonance studied and analyzed consumer awareness and drinking habits around tequila and competitor spirits, then proceeded to position the brand story, design and content creation around the craftsmanship and quality that set the product apart.

Stakeholder Engagement

Resonance conducted brand workshops with residents, farmers, vendors and connoisseurs to create a foundation of differentiation and distinction from which new value propositions, brand pillars and identity could be built.


A visioning statement was distilled into a label, bottle design and multidisciplinary marketing collateral—each rooted in the terroir and considered sense of place and craftsmanship that makers bring to the production process.


Resonance is also in the process of creating a short film about the Jalisco region, its importance in product production, and the people who bring the tequila to market.

The Result

Powered by its new brand position as a product of Mexican pride, craftsmanship and the arts, combined with the visual impact on store shelves, Tromba is now being distributed coast to coast in U.S. retail locations, and is appearing in more North American bars every month. It is also the #1 craft tequila in Canada and Australia, as well as the top premium tequila poured in Toronto and Melbourne bars and restaurants. Overall, case sales of Tromba have increased 50% between 2016 and 2017.

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