Mission Ridge

Vancouver, Canada

As consumer perception changes around boxed wine—it’s convenient and better quality than ever before—incumbent brands in the space—like popular Western Canada-based Mission Ridge, a pioneer in the boxed wine category—faced increased competition. Resonance was engaged to refresh both brand story and packaging so that Mission Ridge could pursue new consumers without alienating its long-time fans.

The Solution

In order to reposition and future-proof this iconic product, Resonance conducted extensive research among past and prospective Canadian wine drinkers. The refreshed brand story for Mission Ridge was also tested in order to ensure consistency and consumer feedback integration in the redesign.

Market Research

Resonance analyzed existing and desired consumer habits and preferences, in addition to competitor data. All creative was then based on this insight.


Resonance articulated the new Mission Ridge brand story, creating marketing collateral, photography and key messaging to guide the evolution process.


Resonance respectfully updated the decade-old packaging with type and illustration refinements that kept it true—and recognizable—to its current customers while making it appealing to a new generation of box wine drinkers.

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