Beringer is an enormous historical California winery that was looking for a strategy and a story that would lift its brand from its association with an overwhelming number of low-end skus and begin communicating the value of its excellent highend wines. Resonance created a Brand Strategy and Storyline that articulated a vision for a masstige and luxury-focused Beringer of the future, proposing a new language, new international aspirations and programming, and a rejuvenated historical environment at the California winery in which to enjoy it all.

Portland Tourism Master Plan

In order to build on Portland’s rising star as a unique, must-see destination, Travel...

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Lower Lonsdale, North Vancouver

The Business Improvement Area of Lower Lonsdale, the Vancouver North Shore’s historic downtown, engaged...

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Tromba Tequila

Tromba is a high-quality crafted tequila from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, that had...

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Nanuku Auberge Resort

Fiji is a country that Americans consider an exotic bucket-list destination, but it’s a...

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