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Economic Development

Tourism Vancouver 2030

Vancouver, Canada

Ever more Destination Marketing and Management Organizations find it necessary to look into the future of their tourism industry in order to understand upcoming opportunities and challenges and create a desirable future for their visitors, residents and stakeholders. Most future planning assumes a continuation of present trends, but that’s a dangerous assumption. Tourism Vancouver brought on Resonance and Tourism Economics to analyze the variety of ways the future of Vancouver tourism could unfold, to create scenarios to bring the analysis to life, and to determine the potential implications of each for the organization, the city’s travel and tourism industry and the local community.

The Solution

Resonance conducted in-depth tourism stakeholder interviews to identify key demand and supply drivers, conducted economic analyses of Vancouver’s tourism performance to date, and provided future forecasting of visitor volume based on an analysis of key demand and supply-side drivers. We then combined the drivers with the economic analysis and forecasting in a stakeholder workshop in order to create a series of scenarios that described how these factors might be combined to change Vancouver’s visitor of the future, tourism experience, brand, positioning and marketing, and DMMO marketing and management in 2030.

The Result

With four scenarios in hand, Resonance returned to stakeholders to discuss their implications. It turned out that the most desirable scenario was a composite that includes aspects of all four. This final scenario is now the foundational document for identifying key risks, opportunities, recommendations, strategies and action items that Tourism Vancouver will use in the development of their strategic plan.

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