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Susurros del Corazón

Punta de Mita, Mexico

Set on Mexico’s Pacific coast on a pristine beach between jungled cliffs and the deep blue waters of Banderas Bay is Susurros del Corazón, a new boutique resort and residences from the Auberge Resorts Collection.

Tucked in a dramatic setting, this Punta de Mita development offers a collection of 30 residences and 59 hotel suites where owners and guests experience contemporary design, thoughtful service and authentic adventures.

Workshop & Positioning

Resonance conducted a workshop with stakeholders from Auberge and SV Capital of Denver to consider the creation of a place of raw beauty and playful adventures on the doorstep of a collection of residences tucked away in Punta de Mita. Taking the elements and visions gathered at the workshop, we articulated both the physical properties of the project as well as its emotional appeal. We studied the destination and project, the target markets and the opportunities that connect the allure of this place and offered a positioning statement that succinctly explains what the resort offers, who it’s for, what guests and residents do there and why they love it.

Identity Icon

The Susurros icon is the most visible representation of the brand. With a resort name already in place, the challenge was to create an icon that works harmoniously with Auberge’s existing wordmark. A meticulous exploration of Mexican folkloric art, materials and colors led to the creation of an icon that takes cues from artisanal tiles popular throughout Mexico. We also found inspiration in the poetic translation of the name—Susurros del Corazón means Whispers of the Heart—by incorporating a flower pattern that integrates small hearts into its petals.


Combining sophisticated design, thoughtful service and authentic adventures, Susurros del Corazón will lure a unique group of visitors: Sophisticated Explorers, worldly travelers who are ageless, cosmopolitan, intellectually curious and creative; and Active Adventurers, who are entirely absorbed by outdoor activity and engage with nature on vacation.

Resonance took on the challenge of creating a website that appeals to the target audience: free-spirited explorers and adventurers from Canada, the U.S., Mexico and from around the globe. Using a color palette derived from the Susurros icon, the website was designed to engage a diverse audience and to help them see themselves with family and friends in a luxuriously raw and intimate place where they can connect with nature, with local traditions and culture, and with one another.

Brand Guidelines

Resonance created a set of brand guidelines designed to ensure that all parties and partners utilize logos, create materials, and communicate with constituents and consumers in a consistent manner. The document serves as a guide to the user of the brand identity for Susurros del Corazón and provides direction in terms of the use of colors, typography and brand applications for the creation of marketing materials.

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