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Economic Development

Salmon Arm

British Columbia, Canada

Salmon Arm is a small city in British Columbia long known as a nice place to visit, offering tranquil beauty and a lakeside location. Resonance was hired to help stakeholders and the community find a competitive identity that would help it diversify from its seasonal tourism message, and position it as a region with broad potential as a place to live, work and visit.

The Solution

Resonance benchmarked Salmon Arm against 11 peer competitors, and conducted a community survey and a cluster analysis to create a situational snapshot. Contrary to local sentiment, the analysis revealed Salmon Arm as a prosperous city with a significant number of entrepreneurial high tech companies and employment opportunities.

The Result

Armed with the insights from our research, Resonance facilitated a workshop with local stakeholders in tourism, economic development and community affairs to present findings and gather input about potential positioning opportunities. From there, we created four propositions for a competitive identity. Branding and a marketing plan to roll out the identity were the final steps in the process.

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