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Portland, OR

Portland Tourism Master Plan

In order to build on Portland’s rising star as a unique, must-see destination, Travel Portland tasked Resonance Consultancy to create a tourism master plan that prioritized sustainable tourism growth by highlighting the attributes that appeal to visitors seeking a one-of-a-kind destination with overall livability and resident pride and ownership of the West Coast city.

The Solution

Work is ongoing for this project, but Resonance has completed a Situational Analysis, a benchmark that will inform the visioning stage in the development of this multi-year destination development plan.

The benchmarking included Resonance’s innovative approach to assessing destinations, which is based on the analysis of millions of online reviews. This provided Portland with a clear picture of the way visitors evaluated the experiences offered, and the destination’s relative strengths or weaknesses vis-à-vis its competition. Work included…

Stakeholder Engagement

Resonance conducted 60+ one-on-one and group interviews with travel and tourism industry stakeholders and Tourism Portland senior staff to distill the trends impacting the Portland tourism industry and the threats and opportunities they represent.

Destination Assessment

Through a series of proprietary research and measurement initiatives, Resonance analyzed Portland’s tourism supply-side performance and competitiveness against strategically selected competing destinations.

Visitor Appeal Assessment

Resonance undertook an audit of Portland’s entry points, attractions and visitor experience to measure ease of navigation across different categories and identify actionable items to address gaps and areas for improvement.

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