Kohanaiki - Resonance Consultancy


An inclusive/exclusive property reshapes club community life on the Kona Coast.

Kohanaiki is the newest member of the exclusive group of communities on Hawai‘i’s coveted Kona Coast. Resonance was engaged by Kohanaiki to tell the story of a contemporary club that stood out from its well-established neighbors through a uniquely informal atmosphere and fun-loving social membership.

Resonance created the brand platform that gave Kohanaiki a language all its own, defining both the character and personality of the community and its many amenities. This was complemented by an update to the wordmark—which contrasted the iconic petroglyph-inspired mark with contemporary typography—as well as a comprehensive suite of marketing collateral.

The reimagined storyline, supported by a fresh, contemporary visual language, enabled Kohanaiki to lean into its positioning as a playful ‘unclub’ for younger affluent members and their active families. The pandemic further fueled interest, and sales at the property continue steadily upward.