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Kaufman Arts District

Astoria, New York

For the Kaufman Arts District is a five city block development in the rapidly-diversifying neighborhood of Astoria, Queens across the East River from Manhattan, Resonance engaged stakeholders, analyzed economic development opportunities, and mapped placemaking opportunities.

Kaufman Astoria Studios, a film production company, has been a presence in the neighborhood for a century, and is leading the mixed-use development in partnership with Silverstein Properties (Freedom Tower) and others. Our work helped shape a development narrative for the project as it entered the city permitting process. The five separate mixed-use blocks of the arts district contain a major cultural anchor, performance space and movie theatre, along with more than 2 million sf of residential space (some 1,000 units) along with “creative commercial”, office, cultural organization and community space. As the political landscape evolved and plans shifted, we helped the developers conceive, cost and map out potential placemaking opportunities.

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