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Jamaica, Queens

Queens, New York

The New York City Economic Development Corporation engaged Resonance to help them understand the strengths and weaknesses of the vibrant African-American community of Jamaica, Queens as a place to live, work and visit in a rapidly changing environment. Then we created a campaign and marketing strategy to boost local pride and grow awareness.

Resonance created a neighborhood survey to gather local sentiment, and conducted research for a situational analysis that summarized key demographic, social, and economic indicators compared with peer communities in the New York metropolitan area. From there, we workshopped a positioning with community leaders. The notion that Jamaica, Queens, is Home, emerged; it gave locals comfort, and reinforced their desire to maintain their identity as a residential community. From there, we created an outdoor campaign for bus shelters and digital banners that illustrated three key elements that are at Home in Jamaica—families, culture and entrepreneurs. Brand guidelines and a marketing plan designed to accommodate the community’s limited budget followed.