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Horseshoe Bay

West Vancouver, Canada

Horseshoe Bay is a waterfront village located at the very end of suburban West Vancouver, British Columbia, and the start of Howe Sound and Sea to Sky Country. Resonance was hired by the Horseshoe Bay Business Association to create a brand positioning and identity to attract more visitors to Horseshoe Bay.

While Horseshoe Bay has traditionally been a place of transition for ferry travelers, Resonance recognized that the town had the opportunity to reposition itself by associating with the story of the scenic Sea to Sky Highway (a legacy of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics), which has become a Top 10 tourism attraction in the Vancouver area.

By positioning Horseshoe Bay as ‘Mile Zero of the Sea to Sky Highway’, the village gained recognition and took part ‘ownership’ of the drive, one of the most popular tourism attractions in the region. The positioning, and branding materials that resulted, made the Horseshoe Bay story bigger, and made it both a destination and a starting point.

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