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Finger Lakes Wine Country

New York State

As wine tourism becomes more popular and competition between wine regions grows, the marketers of Finger Lakes Wine Country—stakeholders in five counties—engaged Resonance to help them articulate and differentiate their brand in order to create awareness and increase visitation. We created a Brand Platform and fresh identity to bring the diverse towns, cities and wineries and messages together.

We began by engaging some 70 stakeholders in the region to understand opportunities and challenges, and then held five Place Branding workshops to identify unique stories, themes, and differentiating characteristics. From there, we articulated the brand attributes, persona and target audiences to create a brand positioning and an essence, which is an umbrella message that encapsulates the destination’s identity and uniqueness. Three appropriate Brand Essence statements were tested among 50,000 former and prospective visitors, and Thirst for Life emerged as a clear winner. The brand essence, which was adopted as a tagline, is a springboard for communications that tells the story of a region that offers a pure, refreshing environment, a leisurely discovery of postcard-perfect towns, and an experience of warm, genuine makers and crafters of world-class wines, beers, and spirits who like nothing better than to share the secrets and stories of a wine country unlike any other.

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