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Cincinnati, OH

Despite consistent tourism growth in the Greater Cincinnati Region, local partners wanted to drive sustainable, coordinated future growth by tapping into emerging regional and national market opportunities.

Working with Tourism Economics, Resonance developed a destination asset assessment and conducted an analysis of product and service gaps and opportunities. Then we led dozens of one-on-one and group interviews with regional travel and tourism industry stakeholders—along with a workshop of regional tourism and economic development staff members—in order to identify key threats to and opportunities for the future growth of tourism in Cincinnati.

In parallel, Resonance analyzed U.S. Census data for the past four years for nearby states and feeder markets to calculate future market opportunities, and also conducted a national survey of 3,300 U.S. households that had traveled overnight on vacation within the past year in order to better understand the aspirations and preferences of leisure travelers. The positioning that emerged from the research, “Most Entertaining”, was a way for Cincinnati USA to leverage its competitive advantages in fun attractions and amusements—a top motivator for both current and growth market segments—and to grow more culinary and culture experiences, which are also attractions for key growth markets. The positioning not only resonated with prospective visitors, but helped shape an identity for the region as an attractive and exciting place to live.

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