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Big Sky Resort

A path to the future of the mountain resort experience.

Over the past decade, Montana’s Big Sky Resort has been upgrading its lift infrastructure to become a leader in a competitive arena that includes Vail, Aspen and other Rocky Mountain icons. Yet awareness and messaging lagged behind the innovative infrastructure. The resort hired Resonance to partner with them to define the Big Sky Resort brand and apply it consistently to attract a wider, wealthier audience of visitors and skilled talent.

We analyzed the perception and reality of Big Sky Resort in the market, then worked with stakeholders and ownership to workshop the brand’s values. This lead to personas that brought our target audiences to life, and experience principles, which provide a framework for events and activities based on how we want visitors and staff to feel at Big Sky Resort. Our brand personality further articulated the brand, leading to a highly differentiated proposition that shifted positioning and messaging from functional features to emotional benefits.

The brand proposition successfully aligns short-term strategy with the resort’s long-term vision, and is guiding the creation of films and messaging for the resort’s 50th anniversary.