B6 - Resonance Consultancy


Telling the story of next-gen vision in commercial space.

The 32-story B6 in downtown Vancouver was developed by BentallGreenOak, one of Canada’s largest real estate investment trusts and a major shaper of the office landscape in the city over the past few decades. B6 was a departure, an office building with a rich suite of residentially-inspired amenities designed to attract demanding companies and fickle talent.

We positioned the building as the workspace of the future, an ideal balance of location, recreation and productivity enhancement. We focused on the wellbeing that had been designed into the building: the outdoor spaces and rooftop lounge deck; the hotel-quality end-of-trip and fitness facilities, including deluxe showers, bike washing and storage; and an excellent walkability score. We also emphasized the health-enhancing infrastructure of B6, with its WELL, WIRED and LEEDS-gold certification and enhanced ventilation.

Our approach turned out to be prescient. Post-pandemic, with the return-to-the-office (r)evolution in full swing, B6 was perceived as the office environment perfectly adapted to the shifting cultures of work, a harbinger and a leader and Microsoft has leased more than 500,000 square feet in the building making B6 its largest location in the Vancouver metropolitan area.