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We recognize that tourism, economic development and urban planning are intimately interconnected, and our destination development and management strategies offer research and roadmaps that forge and strengthen these connections. By doing so, we help ensure that the growth of tourism not only brings economic benefits to a community, but enhances quality of life for local residents as well.

Consumer Research

Resonance produces ongoing original research into what moves people to places and experiences. Our studies of travelers and our proprietary segmentation modeling tool
provide insight on target audiences and how to better attract them in the future.

Destination Assessments

For tourism destinations and DMOs, our assessments put assets under a strategic microscope that reveals competitive strengths and deficiencies—from both a product offering and experiential perspective—in order to identify needs and opportunities for sustainable growth and development now and in the future.

Scenario Planning & Forecasting

Understanding the dynamics of how the future will emerge—who might visit, what
the destination could offer and what the experience could be—is key to establishing a tourism vision and policy, to considering and creating product, and to marketing and strategic development. Resonance identifies key forces influencing the future of tourism economies in destinations; maps a range of alternatives; identifies potential risks, opportunities and visitor volumes; and suggests a series of strategies that provide input into strategic planning processes for the decades to come.

Tourism Master Plans

Tourism Master Plans identify the policies, products, amenities, programming and experiences needed for long-term destination planning and development. Our process creates strategies and plans that respond to the needs of residents, visitors and stakeholders from tourism to economic development to city planning.

DEstination Management Strategies

Overtourism is more than an academic theory or isolated problem for destinations like Venice
or Barcelona—it’s a reality for destinations large and small that find themselves dealing with traffic jams, large crowds, late night noise and reduced quality of life for communities and residents. Resonance works with communities to manage their success and create strategies and plans to reduce the burden that tourism can bring.

Brand Strategies

Resonance develops place brands—along with marketing and communications strategies—
that identify and articulate destination positioning and stories to be leveraged across paid, earned, owned and shared media channels in engaging and consistent ways.

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