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Real Estate

Working with developers and their design teams, we help distill and articulate a vision for a development, then communicate it through community engagement, branding, marketing and placemaking that resonates with all desired audiences.

Consumer Research

Resonance produces ongoing original research into what moves people to places and experiences. Our studies of prospective home buyers and renters help developers understand their target audiences and provide insights about how to better attract them.

Stakeholder Engagement

Community support has never been more important to the success of developments. Long before groundbreakings, we help developers communicate authentic stories and create the activities that lead from entitlement to pre-development, pre-sales to launches, selling out to moving in.

Development Strategies

Our strategies for developments are the product of engagement and collaboration with all stakeholders—citizens, businesses and government. Beginning with expert analysis of competitive gaps and opportunities, we engage teams to envision a future of the development that resonates with locals, visitors and prospective buyers alike.


From the Development Strategy, Resonance helps developers create and articulate a positioning and competitive identity to serve as the foundation for communications aimed at future target markets. From brand storylines to identities and guidelines, our work articulates what places stand for and what they promise in a way that connects deeply—through language and visuals—with the rational needs and the emotions of every audience.


Resonance placemaking strategies leverage the power of art, culture and experiential retail to improve the quality and performance of public places and the lives of the communities around them. From the foundation of the Development Strategy, we help align development ambitions and the needs of the community to help animate public, private and underutilized spaces, test alternative uses, and create gathering places and unique points of interest that draw both locals and visitors.

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