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Economic Development

Resonance recognizes that economic development is a combination of factors ranging from industry to tourism, talent attraction to urban planning and far beyond. Our proprietary data and innovative research help economic development organizations understand and prioritize authentic opportunities, create competitive identities, meaningfully engage communities and plan for the future to realize their full economic potential.

Economic Development Strategy

Our economic development strategies for communities, cities and regions are the product of engagement and collaboration with citizens, businesses, government stakeholders and private developers. Following our analysis of competitive gaps and opportunities, we engage stakeholders to workshop solutions and create a preferred vision of the future that resonates with locals and visitors alike.

Performance Benchmarking

Our Performance Benchmarking Reports put countries, regions or cities under a strategic microscope to reveal where they’re competitive and deficient when it comes to the economic, infrastructure, social and experiential factors that matter in influencing and attracting talent, tourism and investment. Our proprietary research—including America’s and World’s Best Cities reports—gives places an edge in attracting talent, visitors and investment.

Marketing Strategy

Resonance develops brands, plans, and marketing and communications strategies that identify and articulate a unique positioning and story for communities, cities, regions and countries. These can then be leveraged across paid, earned, owned and shared media channels with engagement and consistency in order to support marketing goals.

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