We Build Community - Resonance Consultancy

We Build Community

Our stakeholder engagement, public relations and placemaking endeavors help activate underutilized spaces, provide stories and branding to engage locals, and communicate to prospects and media.

Jamaica | Queens

We reinforced a community’s identity as close-knit and residential in a changing world.

Kaufman Arts District | New York

A new development in Astoria gets opportunities and ideas for community placemaking.

Lower Lonsdale | British Columbia

Branding brings awareness to an industrial waterfront turned leisure destination.

Horseshoe Bay | British Columbia

Our branding makes a sleepy seaside village into Mile Zero of the storied Sea to Sky.

East Village | Calgary

Revitalizing and transforming a forsaken downtown neighborhood.

Grosvenor | British Columbia

Resonance public relations introduces a major developer to a competitive suburban Vancouver market.