Resonance produces ongoing original research into what moves people to places and products, and has produced dozens of studies ranging from the needs of the top 1% of American travelers to the preferences of the Chinese lnternational Traveler to Place Quality Indexes for the European Union and the U.S. We study current experiences and focus on future preferences to give our clients unique insight and smart strategic direction for what’s coming next.

Customer Segmentation Analysis

Resonance surveys thousands of travelers each year and has created a proprietary segmentation modeling tool that allows us to profile our clients’ databases to determine what type of traveler a destination is attracting and how it compares to the overall U.S. traveler market.

Brand Reputation Insights

Brand reputation research provides valuable information on how consumers perceive your brand image and how these perceptions compare to your competitors.

Destination Assessments

Our Destination Assessments document the current state and status of your city, community or destination with critical performance measures relative to your competitive set. This helps us identify and summarize specific issues and opportunities that impact your destination or community now or may impact it in the near future.

Creative Testing

Resonance regularly conducts focus group research on creative positionings and branding work to help branding and destination clients evaluate the work’s qualitative effectiveness in the target market.