Place Strategy

Resonance strategies help destinations and developers understand market trends, engage their communities and plan for the future to realize the full economic potential of their destination or development.

For both developments and destinations, our strategies offer a roadmap that connects economic development, tourism and urban planning—and by doing so, we connect projects, communities and cities with current and future residents, visitors, talent and investors.

Research and Segmentation Analysis

Resonance produces ongoing original research into what moves people to places and experiences, and we’ve produced dozens of studies. Along the way, we’ve also used our surveys of thousands to travelers to produce a proprietary segmentation modeling tool. With it, we can profile your database to determine what type of traveler your destination is attracting, and provide insights about how to better target them.

Destination Assessments

Destination Assessments are a fast, effective way to begin working with our team. For tourism destinations and economic development authorities, our assessments put your assets under a strategic microscope that reveals where you’re competitive, where you’re deficient, and the opportunities for sustainable development now and in the future.

Development Strategies

Our development strategies for destinations are the product of engagement and collaboration with citizens, businesses, government stakeholders and private developers. Beginning with expert analysis of competitive gaps and opportunities, we engage stakeholders to workshop solutions and create a preferred vision of the future that resonates with locals and visitors alike.

Tourism Master Plans

Tourism Master Plans identify and articulate the unique products, amenities, programming and experiences—along with corresponding policies and protocols—that help guide the long-term planning and development of a community, destination, city or country. These strategies and plans, created through workshops and interviews, are designed to be inspired by the needs of residents, visitors and stakeholders from tourism to economic development to city planning.