Place Branding

Our approach to place branding combines analytics with storytelling techniques and award-winning design to define and communicate a compelling competitive identity for a destination or development.

If infrastructure is the hardware of place, experience is the software—and place branding tells the story of those experiences. Our approach to branding a destination or development is to first benchmark it against competitors, analyze consumer research, audit existing assets, and forecast future trends. Then we engage stakeholders with story-seeking exercises that articulate the essence of place: what does a destination or development stand for? What are its differentiators and the unique stories it can tell? What are its aspirations for the future? The result is a brand proposition and brand story that positions a place so compellingly that all the audiences you seek to engage will tell your story with pride, clarity and consistency.

Brand Storyline

Resonance Storylines articulate what the brands of places and projects stand for and what they promise in a way that connects deeply with the needs and emotions of their audiences. Storylines distill places and products into the tangible and intangible: historic context, target markets, features and personality—the emotional essence of the brand.

Brand Identity

While brands live in an ever-growing world, a brand’s identity is key. Logos are a small piece of the brand universe, but they have enormous impact: in a name and a visual distilled to the essence, they sum up and announce the brand’s true colors. Resonance brand identities are informed by the Brand Storyline that precedes them so that clients can effectively measure the suitability of proposed logos in the context of the brand’s bigger story.

Brand Guidelines

With a story, name and identity agreed to, it’s important that all players understand how to execute the work. Brand Guidelines are a comprehensive how-to, used by internal marketing teams and external partners, that explain the rules needed to understand the brand story, logo use, and Brand Storyline language.