Lower Lonsdale, North Vancouver

North Vancouver, Canada

The Business Improvement Area of Lower Lonsdale, the Vancouver North Shore’s historic downtown, engaged Resonance to create a unified place brand with a clear value proposition that could be embraced by businesses and residents at a time of rapid growth for the area. Lower Lonsdale needed to make its brand official and differentiate itself as a destination from others in North Vancouver.

The Solution

For the place branding workshop, we collaborated with the BIA, government and tourism sectors in Lower Lonsdale to uncover key but under-leveraged perceptions and place attributes about the area. To articulate the essence of Lower Lonsdale, we created a brand storyline and future-facing vision that leveraged Lower Lonsdale’s heritage, connectivity to the urban core and livability. The storyline served as a foundation for the proposal of a fresh, consistent visual identity and key messages.

Stakeholder Engagement

Resonance conducted brand workshops with residents and the business community to create a foundation from which new value propositions and differentiation could be built out.

Destination Brand Storyline & Identity

Resonance has developed a positioning strategy that differentiates the area as a place to work, live and play, with brand guidelines designed to be used by local governments, agencies and small businesses alike.


A visioning statement was distilled into several visual identities for the neighborhood—each rooted in the area’s distinct sense of place.

The Result

Lower Lonsdale: The Shipyard District

After a deep dive into the attributes of the community, and collaborative workshops with the business community, stakeholders are motivated and empowered to implement a new visual identity and brand blueprint for their increasingly vibrant neighborhood in the coming months. Work is still ongoing as Resonance designs the creative collateral and brand direction for Lower Lonsdale’s future identity.

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