The Future Of U.S. Millennial Travel

U.S. Millennial consumers have changed everything—and their preferences are changing, too. Travel, tourism and hospitality are the thin edge of the wedge of this disruption.

Join Resonance Consultancy as we deconstruct the insights and reveal the strategies behind the data of our recently released 2018 Future of U.S. Millennial Travel Report.

You can’t afford to miss the opportunity to better understand the drivers of a generation sitting on $200 billion in spending power.

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The Insights

A Study In Paradoxes

Varied, monied, and sophisticated, the U.S. Millennial traveler now goes solo as much as they do with kids in tow.

Cities Are The Destinations

In beach vacation vs. city, a surprising victor. Also, why local is always in style.

Pillow Talk

How hotels are borrowing liberally from Airbnb while trying to beat home-sharing at its own game.

The Experiences That Matter

From wellness to once-in-a-lifetime.

Wanderlust, Sated And Rated

The long and winding path to purchase for the U.S. Millennial traveler.