City Nation Place, a London-based gathering of enlightened CMOs, city planners, civic leaders and real estate developers, is coming to New York on June 14 and 15. And we at Resonance are helping organize it. Here’s why you need to reserve your spot (other than the compelling early bird rate).

By Chris Fair

When describing Resonance Consultancy’s diverse clientele, I often use the humble Venn diagram.

It’s three overlapping circles comprised of destination marketing and management organizations, economic development offices and governments, and real estate developers.

Thinking outside of silos, and inclusively about how economic development, tourism and real estate investment are interdependent and stronger together than apart, is becoming more commonplace. It has to be, as the need to stretch project dollars and ensure transparency and stakeholder engagement today matters more than ever.

Such holistic inclusivity is difficult to define, but when it is, it’s often called “place making,” “place branding” and/or “place marketing.”

Whatever you call it, that nexus of economic development and tourism—as a driver to enhance a place’s prosperity and sustainability for all stakeholders—now has its own North American event. And Resonance is helping organize it.


City Nation Place Americas is a new forum for place making, place marketing and place branding across the USA, Canada and the Americas.

Taking place on June 15 at New York University’s School of Law campus in Washington Square, we built the event as a unique professional development opportunity, featuring speakers and case studies with a distinct New World flavor, with the scope and theme of “From Nations to Neighborhoods.”

We developed the programming to be distinct from other tourism and economic development events, focused at national, state and city DMOs and EDOs, mayors, urban planners and developers.

The dozen-plus sessions will outline effective implementation of policies and strategies that drive competitive identity for nations, states and cities, while focusing on citizen experience, investment, talent attraction and tourism.

Although we’re still finalizing our speakers, City Nation Place Americas will feature the most innovative place leaders and place branding experts on the continent(s), with a mandate to educate and enlighten attendees about how best to unite stakeholders around a single vision for economic and tourism development.

City Nation Place Resonance tourism

What better place to discuss the potential of places than in early summer New York City?


Nick Cull, Professor of Public Diplomacy, University of Southern California

Fred Dixon, CEO, NYC & Co

Isabel Hill, Director, National Travel & Tourism Office, U.S. Dept. of Commerce

Cameron Bailey, Artistic Director, Toronto International Film Festival

Jeff Miller, CEO, Travel Portland

Brad Ferguson, President & CEO, Edmonton Development Corporation

Ray Hoyt, President, Visit Tulsa, Tulsa Sports & Film Commission

Susan Veres, Sr. VP Strategy, Calgary Municipal Land Corporation

Steven Pedigo, Director, The Urban Lab, Assistant Clinical Professor, NYU


And since one day is never enough for such an overdue gathering (even an inaugural one), we’ve packed a bonus pre-summit Think Tank on the Wednesday afternoon (June 14th), an optional extra afternoon of lectures and workshops run by NYU School of Professional Studies. That evening, Resonance is hosting a delegate welcome reception and awards presentation for our “America’s Best City Brands” ranking.

The morning after the summit, on Friday, June 16th, attendees will be able to take part in NYC field trips—exclusive two-hour visits to the city’s most ambitious projects, some not yet open to the public.

We hope you can join us for this unique and in-demand event to help you, your team and your stakeholders understand how other cities, states and nations are putting in place the strategies to drive competitive identity to attract talent, tourism and investment.


• Politics, policy and place identity

• Connecting your place brand with key industry sectors to attract talent and tourism and drive economic competitiveness

• Connecting your place brand with events and cultural themes to attract tourism and boost economic development

• Real estate and neighborhood development: models for success which revitalize a place brand

• Bottom-up branding and how to engage citizens and create place ambassadors

• Demonstrating the impact of destination marketing on economic development

• Managing the place brand: structuring your team to drive competitive advantage

• Telling the story of your place in the digital age (with a focus on Snapchat)

New York City City Nation Place Resonance

City Nation Place Americas concludes with exclusive place-making day trips on Friday.


Ready to join us? Then head over to the event website to reserve your spot and get $200 off. (I told you that early bird rate was compelling.) If you need a bit more convincing, we’ll be featuring session overviews and speaker profiles in the coming weeks here. But don’t wait too long—a gathering this overdue should sell out quickly.